Dolce Vita advantages in the Lindenhof

Wellness holiday in the Lindenhof Resort in South Tyrol

Guests at the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns enjoy all DolceVita advantages: 'DolceVita Around' entitles you to use all restaurants, wellness areas, pool landscapes and leisure facilities of all four Dolce Vita Hotels – without any additional charges.


#dvlocal = regional & valuable

Our region & our nature are our capital - quality from South Tyrol!

Sustainability is very important to the DolceVita Hotels. Responsible use of resources and our land is an essential part of DolceVita's corporate governance strategy. At DolceVita Hotels, we see it as our duty to be more sustainable and to communicate the documentation about this #greenthinking to the outside world.

The goal is clear: conscious use of nature and the environment to create a framework for the sustainability of the future in South Tyrol! Here are the key points that the DolceVita Hotels in Meran and Vinschgau implement to achieve this goal.

Our sustainability - out #greenthinking

  • E-mobility
  • #dvlocal - food from South Tyrol
  • Energy & construction



Charging stations instead of gas stations - so far as it is not yet. But the DolceVita hotels offer many advantages in terms of electric mobility:

  • E-Smart Convertible in ever DolceVita Hotel!
  • Electric charging stations in every DolceVita hotel for hotel guests
  • Map with all charging stations in the surrounding area and South Tyrol for your trip by electric car
  • Charge card exclusively for our DolceVita guests for loading at the charging stations throughout South Tyrol (Alperia)


#dvlocal - authentic food from South Tyrol!

Our region, its people and products are very important to us. That's why DolceVita Hotels decided on a great path: we support local producers and farmers in the immediate vicinity! We specifically select partners and suppliers who have taken a consistent path: regionality and sustainability!

Our partners: valuable - regional - sustainable! 12 producers, farmers, agriculturer etc. are on our side for the next years!

Natural foods that are cultivated with authentic South Tyrolean "heart's blood" and in which you "taste" purity:

#dvlocal - you will consistently find this label in your DolceVita Hotel:

  • On the menu card in the evening, when food from our producers are used
  • In the weekly program, in the day or evening post we introduce our producers. Many of them have their own farm shop, where you can buy the valuable foods!
  • In the sauna, wellness and beauty area of ​​the DolceVita Hotels - for example in our bio-certified BERG cosmetics line


Energy and construction

In all DolceVita hotels you can see sustainable building in many details. Optimizing and increasing the economic potential of buildings and ecological and sustainable energy production are just a few important aspects.

Here are the key points:

  • Use of photovoltaic energy for the hotel
  • Use of pellet plants to generate energy for the hotel
  • Connection to the ecological district heating plants of South Tyrol
  • Cogeneration units
  • Construction with local raw materials
  • Energy-conscious renovation with thermal insulation - K-value window and cascade heating

'DolceVita Around' XXL relaxing holiday in South Tyrol

The 'DolceVita Around' offer of the five South Tyrolean DolceVita Hotels, which are situated within a radius of 30 kilometres, brings variety to your holiday. Book your holiday at the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns near Meran and enjoy an variety of offerd from all 5 DolceVita Hotels.

Wellness Around

Select from the wellness and beauty offer of the DolceVita Hotels: indoor and outdoor pools, various wellness and beauty facilities, Saunas, comfort and resting loungers, fitness areas, gardens and wellness specialists gurantee you perfect holidays.

  • 24 pools
  • 1.847 m² water surface
  • 8.840 m² wellness and beauty facilities
  • 31 saunas of these are 4 sky saunas with panoramic views and themed infusions and XXL whielpools
  • 744 cuddy relaxation loungers
  • 12.825 m² garden area
  • 33 wellness specialists
  • 1 medical center


Fitness Around

Select from the fitness offer of the DolceVita Hotels: guided hiking tours – including hiking equipment - per week, South Tyrol’s most beautiful golf courses, fitness rooms with professional fitness trainer, individual exercise program and nutrition advice.

  • Up to 5 guided alpine hikes per week
  • Fitness rooms with the newest cardio and weight machines
  • Supervised fitness up to 40 hours a week with nordic walking, yoga, pilates, jogging and golf
  • Professional advice: nutrition, girness, bioelectric impedance analysis
  • at lest 15 guided MTB tours per week
  • 2 to 5 guided road bike tours per week


Dine Around

Select from the gourmet offer of the Dolce Vita Hotels: Sumptuous breakfast buffet, show kitchen, pastries and coffee as well as a varied gourmet a la cart menu with salad buffet, dessert and cheese selection in the evening.

  • Culinary highlights, kitchen paries, show kitchen and tempting creations
  • DolceVita kitchens on haute cuisine level
  • 5 wine cellars with tastings and degustations
  • Gluten and lactose-free dishes and vegetarian cusine for the health-conscious


Music Around

Lively live music at the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof and the other DolceVita partner hotels provides plenty of entertainment.

  • Lindenhof - Friday
  • Jagdhof - Tuesday
  • Feldhof - Thursday
  • Preidlhof - Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Alpiana - Monday and Friday


Culture Around

Discover the culture around the Dolce Vita Hotels. Castles, fortresses, churches and nature parks invite to cultural excursions.

  • Juval Castle: The domicile and museum of the mountaieering legend Reinhold Messner
  • Churburg: Marvel at Europe's largest private armory
  • Ice museum: Renhold Messner's museum in Sulden am Ortler
  • St. Prokulus Church in Naturns: Visit the oldest frescoes in the German-speaking area
  • Gardens of Traurrmansdorff Castle near Meran (Italy's most beautiful garden 2005)
  • Ötzi Museum in Bolzano and the Archeoparc in Val Senales: Everyday life in Ötzi's time
  • Laaser Marble: the white gold is also used for the preparation of DolceVita BERG cosmetic products


Healthy sleep

The Hotel Lindenhof offers restful sleep. Choose from 15 different pillows and special spa pads. For a wonderful relaxation, the better-sleep-basket provides the tea menu with selected regional teas.


  • With reading material, travel diary, relaxation music, fine fragrences, sleep mask and dreamcatcher

Tea menu

  • With teas from organic certified cultivation: enjoy tea specialities from the Vinschgau District

Wellness mattress toppers

  • For wellbeing and relaxing sleep with peat, willow bark, wool/Swiss pine, yak hair/musk filling

Pillow menu XXL - Pillows à la carte

  • Swiss pine pillow: Swiss pine wood shavings, millet seeds and St. John's wort will help you relax in case of any tenstions.
  • Relaxation pillow: Sheep's wool, stinging nettle, lavender, hops, rose petals and herbs will help with sleep disturbances and are especially soothing and relaxing.
  • Love pillow: Horse hair, stinging nettle seeda, fennel, rose petals and musk petals - an aphrodisiac herbal mix!
  • Mediterranean pillow: Kapok, lavender, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass and orange petals
  • Spelt-neck-crescent pillow: Spelt is especially useful in the case of tension in the musculature of your head, neck and shoulders. It increases blood circulation and soothes cramps and rheumatic tensions.
  • Spelt-neck-roll pillow: Spelt allows your skin to breathe; a soothing, relaxing delight.
  • Cherry seed pillow: Cherry seeds are effective against cramps, colics, pain or simple cold feet.
  • Energy pillow: Spelt, millet peel, buckwheat peel, oat straws, horsetail, peppermint
  • Buckwheat-vein pillow: Buckwheat improves blood circulation.
  • Relaxation pillow: Melissa, hop cones, lavender, valerian for deep relaxation
  • Herbal sleeping pillow: Spelt, melissa, hop, lavender and St John's wort - The perfect herbal mix for sleepy heads.
  • Grapeseed pillow: The natural warmth of grape seeds is beneficial in the case of circulatory disturbances, tensions and rheumatic afflictions.
  • Beewax propolis pillow: Propolis is one of the strongest natural antibiotics. Propolis has antibacterial, antiviral and antimycotic properties. Beewax strengthens the metabolism.
  • Mountain herb pillow: Arnica, St John's wort, chamomile, marigold and hayflower
  • Best pillow: The stable and organic shape of the pillow will sooth tensions in the neck and back, and have a beneficial effect in the case of problems with the invertebral discs, lumbago, migraine and snoring.

DolceVita Pillow menu


BERG Cosmetics – natural beauty from South Tyrol

The as organic certified care product line BERG Cosmetics is only available at the Dolce Vita Hotels. BERG Cosmetics products contain no preservatives and are made from natural olive oil, bees wax and organically grown or in the wild collected native herbs. The ingredients of alpine rose and edelweiss, mountain spring water and South Tyrolean marble promote relaxation and beauty.


Time together – Snuggle moments at the DolceVita Hotels

Enjoy valuable time together with your loved one: newly in love or a long time together – lovers are well looked after at the Hotel Lindenhof in South Tyrol.


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