Lindenhof DolceVita Resort

Stelvio Pass in South Tyrol – Italy

Anspruchsvolle Touren mit dem Rennrad

The Stelvio Pass Challenge by Joachim Nischler. Joachim Nischler, your host at the Sport Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns and passionate racing cyclist, rides the cult racing cycle tour from Prad (907 m) to the Stelvio Pass (2758 m) every Tuesday from the beginning of July until the beginning of October. Warm up to the official starting point and transfer by car from Naturns to Laas will be arranged. Timekeeping starts from the starting point.

Stelvio Pass Challenge – Winners receive a wellness voucher in value of 100.00 €*!

At the end of the biking season, any woman managing the challenge in less than 3.30 hours and any man beating the time of 3.00 hours will be entered in the mid-December draw where 2 Storck Aernario G1 2013 cult frames including fork are raffled under supervision.

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