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    E-Ride and Learn Bikewoche with E-MTB Weltmeisterin Nicole Göldi

    E-Ride and Learn Bikewoche with E-MTB Weltmeisterin Nicole Göldi

    Mon. 08.05. - Fri. 12.05.23

    Warm spring weather on the sunny side of the Alps, cool trails, bike-crazy guides, good food and the UCI World Champion in E-MTB Cross-Country Nicole Göldi as our guide, who will introduce us to the special E-MTB technique on tour and in the courses.

    These are the highlights for an unforgettable E-MTB spring week!

    • 1x riding technique training and4 E-MTB bike tours
    • Tours in 2 different performance classes
    • Guided by the guides of the Ötzi BikeAcademy
    • Accompanied by the UCI World Champion in Cross-Country Nicole Göldi
    • Daily training and technique tips from the world champion and the guides
    • Video analysis during technical training
    • We also pay special attention to riding technique during the tours and make short videos to analyse.

    from € 936.00 p.p.



    The E-MTB week with Nicole Göldi is aimed at e-bikers who are already riding off-road and have light to medium experience with single trails and would like to improve in this area!

    Short profile of Nicole Göldi:
    My name is Nicole Göldi, I am 20 years old and live in the Rhine Valley. Mountain biking has been part of my life since I was born. As children, my brother and I went to national races with my father and as soon as we could ride a bike, we took part. That's how I grew into the sport of biking. Then, when I was in the U17 category, I was accepted into the national team in cross-country cycling and cross-country. This meant that I could take part in the World Cross Country and European Championships and the World Championships in 2020. In the summer of 2021, I graduated from the Liechtenstein Sports High School. During this time, I invested about smore in school and did less volume on the bike. This meant that I could not keep up with the best over a race duration of 90 minutes. That's when my coach Urs Graf and I decided to sign up for the E-Bike World Championships. I invested every free minute on the e-bike to have the technique and speed under control. I succeeded quite well 🙂 which was confirmed in Val di Sole. I was allowed to put on the rainbow jersey and was e-bike world champion 2021. After this race it was clear to me that I am an e-biker. Which is not always easy, because many people have a false image of e-bike riders, but I don't know anyone who didn't come back with a huge smile after riding an e-bike for the first time. At the moment, I ride e-bikes professionally and I ride for Trek.

    Rooms & prices

    Bookable from: 8. May 2023 - 12. May 2023

    Double Room Reschen from € 936,- p.p.
    Double Room Lime from € 1,004,- p.p.
    Double Room South from € 1,020,- p.p.
    Double Room Meran from € 1,024,- p.p.
    Double Room Pure from € 1,024,- p.p.
    Loggia Suite from € 1,032,- p.p.
    Double Room Honeymoon from € 1,048,- p.p.
    Lime Suite from € 1,052,- p.p.
    Double Room Relax from € 1,080,- p.p.
    South Suite from € 1,080,- p.p.
    Vista Suite from € 1,084,- p.p.
    Reschen Suite from € 1,096,- p.p.
    Suite Pure from € 1,128,- p.p.
    Main building Suite from € 1,152,- p.p.
    Suite Cuddle from € 1,160,- p.p.
    Black & White Suite from € 1,184,- p.p.
    Nature Suite from € 1,184,- p.p.
    Relax Suite from € 1,204,- p.p.
    Chiara & Emma Suite from € 1,284,- p.p.
    Penthouse Suite from € 2,720,- p.p.


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