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    Lindenhof-Naturns Garten Poollandschaft
    Lindenhof-Naturns Garten Poollandschaft

    Garden & Outdoor facilities – The resort at a glance

    The Lindenhof garden

    Wellness garden &
    outdoor children's playground

    Experience the fascination of nature throughout the seasons: your Wellness Hotel with its 5.000 m² garden and with more than 300 vines offers quiet hours of leisure or fun-filled experiences amidst lush greenery. The cozy couple areas await you in the sauna area and around the various pools.

    The laughter of children rings in your ears and brings a smile to your face. Your children will discover interesting things in the garden’s adventure areas. Splashing around in the outdoor whirlpool, competing on the playground’s swings: this is holiday fun for Families at the Wellness and Sport Hotel with garden in South Tyrol.

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    Old & Young

    Whirlpool & Cozy Sun Loungers

    feel-good places

    Feng Shui, the teaching of harmonious arrangements, has been practically applied to the design of the garden. The garden designer Johann Bauer has applied the rules of Feng Shui very sensibly and with much care to create the idyllic Linden Garden. Enjoy the especially pleasant atmosphere in the garden of your Wellness Hotel!

    Calm and seclusion surround you when entering the garden which has been created according to the principles of Feng Shui. Get in touch with the elements: feel the earth beneath your feet, float through water and recharge your batteries with the fires of the castle sauna.

    Cosy places, secret corners, and amazing floral images: let your mind wander, read a book or dream away a few hours surrounded by the sweet smell of roses and lavender at your Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns. Hours do not strike for a happy man!

    Fragrance of fresh herbs

    Herb garden at the Lindenhof

    Mint, sage or lovage: rub a leave between your fingers and inhale the intensive fragrance of fresh herbs and look forward to the culinary creations from the Lindenhof Kitchen. The garden’s wonderful herbs make the many dishes especially tasty.

    Heated atmosphere

    Castle sauna
    at your Spa Hotel

    Welcoming and safe is the appearance of the castle sauna at your Spa Hotel in South Tyrol. The castle sauna rises up like a fortress in front of the mountains. Built from natural stone from the Vinschgau District and crenelated, the castle gives the impression of a safe retreat. A sophisticated ambience and 90 ˚C await you inside. Enjoy the play of the elements: fiery heat, gentle coolness, a breeze through your hair - feel like a part of nature. There is even more sauna pleasure in the sauna area at your Feel-Good Hotel Lindenhof.

    Pool Landscape

    Outdoor pools

    A dive into cool waters is the perfect refreshment after a sauna session: the 25 metre long outdoor sports pool is located directly next to the castle sauna. The waters of the 25 metres long pool are heated to a pleasant temperature of 28 ˚C. Float through the water which carries and caresses you and enjoy the view to the vineyards which surround your Spa Hotel in South Tyrol. At the pool area of our wellness hotel Lindenhof you will find more bathing fun.

    Your personal
    holiday adviser!

    Let's turn the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof into the place of your very personal dream holiday full of unforgettable moments.

    Modern ambience

    Your holiday home

    Modern design and feel-good ambience. The tastefully designed hotel reflects the South Tyrolean zest for life and the warmth of the people here. Selected natural materials and modern style elements provide a cosy feel-good atmosphere. The Rooms and Suites at the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof are spacious and offer every holiday comfort.

    The new Lindenhof became an even better Active Relax Resort:

    • a top modern wellness area with 7 saunas, 8 pools, 8 relaxation rooms and Adult's only area
    • a family house with gym, cinema, paddling pool and giant water slide for the fun moments of our kids
    • new residential units that can be converted into family suites during the holiday season

    The new Lindenhof promises even more experience and enjoyment.

    Have a look at the modern rooms and suites in the spa hotel Lindenhof in Naturno nearby Merano. The three-quarter gourmet board, the wide range of included services and the DolceVita advantages will definitely impress you!

    Rooms & suites

    Active Time

    Active focus weeks in spring and summer. Guests of all age groups are on the move.

    Family time

    The Lindenhof Resort belongs to families. We are looking forward to lively days :)

    SPA time

    Focus weeks especially for those who are looking for some peace, quiet and delight.

    Adults Only

    The Hotel Lindenhof belongs only to grown-ups.


    Lindenhof packages

    Enjoy our wide range of offers of active and relaxing holiday packages for your break at the DolceVita Resort in Naturno.

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    Relaxation & well-being
    at the Lindenhof

    Enjoy the extraordinary offers of the Pure Luxury & Spa DolceVita Resort