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    Familysauna und Relaxraum - Lindenhof
    Familysauna und Relaxraum - Lindenhof

    Sauna landscape at the Lindenhof Resort

    Refreshing treatments

    Thermal treatments in the sauna landscape

    Many soothing thermal treatments await you in the spacious sauna of the Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in South Tyrol. Relax whilst enjoying the view to the impressive South Tyrolean Mountains! Wellness in the spa landscape provides new strength. Varied massages, deep body treatments, Far Eastern massages and Wavebalance bring tired spirits back to life. The Lindenhof pool landscape refreshes after long training sessions and in the wellness oases you draw new energy.

    All year round, the sauna tower, the relaxation rooms and the outdoor lounging areas are looked after by our sauna masters: world champion Claudio Massa, Manuel Modica and Arthur Pircher from 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

    Opening hours of the sauna tower: all year round from 11 am.

    sauna world


    Sauna landscape

    At the Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns in South Tyrol

    The spacious sauna landscape at the Wellness Hotel Lindenhof offers a perfect 'oasis of warmth' for every taste. The sauna world is open daily from 11.00 am until 8.00 pm. Whether steam bath, sauna or Kneipp basin: make time for an extensive, relaxing sauna experience.

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    Health for
    body & soul

    Pleasurable massages and treatments at the Lindenhof

    All about our saunas

    The 7 saunas of the hotel

    Sky sauna

    Temperature: 90 °C

    Special feature: Located at the highest point of the hotel, you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view over the roofs of Naturno. There are daily sauna infusions and adjoining to this sauna is a diving pool and a relaxation room with a vital buffet.

    A. hidden gem and a world champion's infusions

    Finnish sauna

    Temperature: 90 °C

    Special feature: unique show facilities, projector, bone boxes, disco balls, steam generator, room-darkening facilities, fantastic view of the nature park, for show infusions connected with various themes and stories with our world champion, suitable for two sauna masters.

    Castle sauna

    Temperature: 80 °C

    Special feature: This special finnish sauna is located in the middle of the garden of the Hotel and has a cozy open firepit right in front of it.

    Sensual fragrances and pleasant radiation

    Organic sauna

    Temperature: 60 °C

    Humidity: 40 %

    Special feature: sensual fragrances with fresh herbs in the steamer, breathtaking view of the Vigiljoch, elegant infusions

    Infrared sauna

    Temperature: 45 °C

    Special feature: pleasant warmth from infrared heaters on walls and ceiling, view of the castle of Naturno, quiet and noble, pleasant thanks to infrared radiation

    Purification ritual and family experience

    Steam sauna

    Temperature: 45 °C

    Air moisture: 100 %

    Special feature: intelligent and healthy Sole obfuscation, purification treatment with view to the Sonnenberg

    Family sauna

    Temperature: 60 - 70 °C

    Special feature: Dress-on sauna in the family area of the hotel with a separate resting room.

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    Relaxation & well-being
    at the Lindenhof

    Enjoy the extraordinary offers of the Pure Luxury & Spa DolceVita Resort

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    7 Themend resting rooms

    Generously designed resting rooms with different color and light concepts

    Furniture: Couple loungers in every relax room, water beds, hanging loungers on the 5th floor with panoramic view over the roofs of Naturns, alcoves, reading bunks, vital buffets and much more



    Sauna-Weltmeister Massa Claudio

    Berufliche Erfahrungen und Fähigkeiten:

    • Aufgussmeister-Kurse bei Cron4 und Asmana Wellness World

    Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen:

    • Ersklassifizierung: Italienische Aufguss Meisterschaft 2016 / 2017 / 2018 - Mannschaftskategorie
    • Ersklassifizierung: Italienische Aufguss Meisterschaft  2017 - Einzelkategorie
    • Ersklassifizierung: Aufguss-Weltmeisterschaft 2017 - Mannschaftskategorie

    General info about the sauna area

    Please use the sauna towels provided in your room. For hygenic reasons towels are only provided in the sauna area on request. Please use a suitable and dry towel to lay on the loungers. Please do not reserve any loungers.

    The family sauna near the baby and fun pools in the family area is available for children under 16 years. The other sauna areas are restricted, since they are labled as nude and quiet zones.

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