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    Aussenansicht Hotel Lindenhof
    Aussenansicht Hotel Lindenhof

    Travel cancellation insurance for your holiday in South Tyrol - Italy

    Sorgenfrei mit dem Reise Storno Schutz

    Your travel cancellation protection at the Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns

    Be on the safe side with a travel cancellation insurance. The hotel-own travel cancellation insurance is added automatically when you book your room.

    All-Round Protection

    Room booking by email and travel cancellation insurance
    The hotel-own travel cancellation insurance is added automatically to bookings by email and will be invoiced on departure. Simple confirm the booking with the Dolce Vita Hotel Lindenhof by writing an email.
    Online room bookings and travel cancellation insurance
    You can also use the Dolce Vita Hotel Lindenhof Online Booking service. For online bookings, please click "My travel cancellation insurance" for confirmation during the booking process.
    Hotel Lindenhof travel cancellation insurance – protection in case of illness
    The bad news: illness, private or work reasons prevent you from taking your holidays. The good news: The travel cancellation insurance of the Hotel Lindenhof provides for all contingencies.
    For which events is the cancellation insurance?
    • Unexpected serious illness of the insured guest. Pregnancy will be recognized as a reason for travel disability, when it has been determined after booking the travel;
    • Serious accident or death of the insured guest;
    • Death, serious health consequences of an accident or unexpected serious illness of a family member (spouse or partner, parents, grandparents, step-parents, in-laws, siblings, children, step-children, grandchildren);
    • Significant property damage to the guest's property at the place of residence as a result of a natural disaster (such as a fire) or a criminal offense committed by a third party requiring his or her presence;
    • Innocent loss of employment as a result of termination of the guest by the employer;
    • Convocation of the guest to the civil defense or civil service, provided that the competent authority does not accept the travel reservation as a reason for the postponement or summons;
    • Filing the divorce action before a joint trip of the spouse concerned;
    • Failure to pass the graduation exam immediately prior to the travel date of an insured trip booked before the exam;
    • Arrival of an unexpected court summons, provided that the competent court does not accept the guest's travel reservation as a reason for postponement or summons.
    Who is protected?
    The insured event shall apply to the insured person concerned, their insured family members and for a maximum of 3 other insured persons, provided that a joint booking has been made. The members of the family are: the spouse (or partner living in the same household), the children (step-parents, parents-in-law, grandchildren), the parents (step-parents, parents-in-law), and the siblings of the insured person.
    Cancellation terms without cancellation service
    • There is no right of withdrawal within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Code - nevertheless, we grant you the following cancellation conditions:
    • Cancellation up to 5 weeks before arrival is free, thereafter 80 percent of the booked arrangement will be charged. In case of cancellation from one day before arrival and early departure 100 percent will be charged. Cancellations must be in writing and confirmed by the hotel in writing. Oral cancellations are not valid.
    • "Communication in accordance with Part III, Title III, Section I, of the Consumer Protection Code (GvD 206/2005)".
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    Additional information

    Further information on travel cancellation insurance can be obtained directly from the Wellness Hotel Lindenhof by the Lindenhof team. Incidentally, our rooms and suites and all offers can also be booked online. Your host family Nischler and the Lindenhof team wish you a good trip and a great holiday in Naturns near Merano.

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