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    Yoga in einer Gruppe - Lindenhof
    Yoga in einer Gruppe - Lindenhof

    Yoga exercises at the Lindenhof in South Tyrol

    Yoga Hotel Lindenhof

    Healing exercises from the Far East

    The Yoga & Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns near Merano offers an exciting yoga and Pilates programme for beginners and the advanced. Yoga teacher Monika Pedross teaches gentle relaxation techniques and yoga lessons on 5 days a week. With special yoga exercises, you become calmer and find your inner balance.


    Holistic exercises

    What is Yoga?

    Yoga balances body, mind and soul by using holistic exercises. Yoga means harmony, unity and connection and is based on an old Indian tradition reaching back thousands of years. A yoga unit consists of breathing exercises, movement exercises and yoga positions, the so-called asanas. Moreover, yoga lessons also incorporate exercises for deep relaxation and meditation.

    Activate the energy flow

    What are the effects of Yoga?

    Yoga helps to relax and promotes the flexibility of muscles. Specific yoga exercises activate the energy flow, thus helping to improve health. The various styles of yoga generate more energy and vitality.

    Positive effects of yoga on body and mind:

    • Harmony - relaxation, calm and spiritual thoughts
    • Awakening of abilities - fitness and more energy
    • Spirituality - health, rehabilitation and vitality

    Active Time

    Active focus weeks in spring and summer. Guests of all age groups are on the move.

    Family time

    The Lindenhof Resort belongs to families. We are looking forward to lively days :)

    SPA time

    Focus weeks especially for those who are looking for some peace, quiet and delight.

    Adults Only

    The Hotel Lindenhof belongs only to grown-ups.


    For your health

    Yoga holiday at the Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns

    Over the past years, yoga has become increasingly popular. Yoga exercises promote agility and strengthen the joints and the deep muscles. Yoga at the Dolce Vita Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns near Merano means wellbeing and relaxation for your body – outdoor yoga lessons are even more fun. Boasting 315 days of sunshine, Naturns in South Tyrol is the perfect destination for your yoga holiday.

    They promote awareness, concentration and alertness. Apart from extensive yoga lessons, the Yoga & Sport Hotel Lindenhof in South Tyrol offers a comprehensive fitness programme and many feel-good oases like the pool landscape and the sauna landscape.

    On the castle tower and in the wellness garden

    Try Yoga for beginners and the advanced

    Do you want to try yoga or perfect your yoga skills? Your holiday in South Tyrol offers the perfect opportunity. At the DolceVita Yoga & Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns near Merano, you learn different styles of yoga in small groups. The exercises take place at various locations on the premises of the Yoga & Wellness Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns. You enjoy meditative tranquillity in the separate yoga room and focus completely on your body in the Feng Shui garden.

    Your personal
    holiday adviser!

    Let's turn the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof into the place of your very personal dream holiday full of unforgettable moments.

    The master

    Monika Chitra Pedross

    Yoga teacher Monika Chitra Pedross has been conducting a wide range of yoga lessons in various yoga styles at the DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof in Naturns – South Tyrol since 2016.

    Yoga dates with Monika Chitra Pedross

    • Daily from Monday to Friday, current dates can be found in the fitness programme
    • Experienced yoga teacher teaches various styles of yoga
    Free taster sessions (Mondays)
    Duration: approx. 90 minutes - free
    One Yoga session
    Duration: approx. 90 minutes per session € 15,-
    Yoga package: three Yoga sessions
    Duration: approx. 90 minutes per session € 39,-
    Yoga-Paket: five Yoga sessions
    Duration: approx. 90 minutes per session € 55,-
    Private session (advance booking required)
    Duration: approx. 90 minutes € 90,-

    Yoga sessions

    Health for
    body & soul

    Pleasurable massages and treatments at the Lindenhof

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    Enjoy our wide range of offers of active and relaxing holiday packages for your break at the DolceVita Resort in Naturno.


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