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    Massage-Ayurveda-Vinoth- im Lindenhof
    Massage-Ayurveda-Vinoth- im Lindenhof

    Special massages Balancing for body and soul

    Voll Energie & neuem Schwung

    Spezielle Massage­angebote

    Im Lindenhof wartet ein vielfältiges Angebot an außergewöhnlichen Massagen auf Sie, die zum einen aus der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin kommen. Beispielsweise bieten wir Shiatsu-Behandlungen und Tuina Massagen an. Aber auch die Hawaiianische Ganzkörpermassage Lomi Lomi Nui, die Hot Stone Massage und die Kräuterstempel Massage zählen zu den beliebten Anwendungen im Lindenhof.

    Zeit zu zweit genießen Sie bei einer Ganzkörper-Aroma-Massage im Freien, die bei guter Witterung von Mai bis September buchbar ist.


    Special massages

    Tuina Massage

    A massage therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment restores energetic and physical balance by using pushing, stroking, pressing and tapping movements along the meridians (energy channels) and by mobilising the joints. Mission accomplished!

    ca. 50 minutes

    Per person: € 72,-

    Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian full body massage

    The combination of warm coconut oil and slow massage strokes sends you into deep relaxation. Releases physical and spiritual blockages and promotes balance for the body, mind and soul.

    ca. 80 minutes

    Price per Unit: € 107,-

    Connective tissue massage

    This innovative pressure massage works with myofascial therapy. Pressure is applied on specific trigger points to release deep-rooted tension. Cathartic and improves physical mobility. This is a treatment with long-lasting effects.

    ca. 80 minutes

    Price per Unit: € 95,-

    Pantai Luar herbal compress massage

    The balance of warm oil and herbal compresses helps relieve physical tension, activate cell regeneration and engender a deep sense of inner balance. A treatment with a natural touch that gives added value.

    ca. 50 minutes

    Price per Unit: € 92,-

    Hot Stone Massage

    A deeply relaxing massage with warm lava stones and special massage movements that release muscle tension. Leaves you with a feeling of comfort and inner peace.

    ca. 80 minutes

    Price per Unit: € 95,-

    Lindenhof Vineyard Massage

    A unique outdoor experience. Experience an aromatic full body massage – totally fresh, free and close to nature. An unforgettable experience – whether you’re alone or with a partner! Please note: Bookable from May to September, weather-permitting.

    ca. 50 minutes (for one person)

    Per person: € 77,-

    “Impulsive Spirits” – Father Josef Eugster energetic foot massage

    This energetic foot massage is a holistic treatment combining western and Asian techniques. Specific zones are massaged with a stick to enable a deeper and more targeted treatment. The treatment strengthens the body's own defence system and rebalances the body, mind and soul.

    ca. 50 minutes

    Per person: € 68,-

    “New Energy” – Shiatsu therapy

    Shiatsu, based on traditional Chinese medicine, was developed in Japan. Gentle pressure, stretching and deep-tissue massage are used to release and ease blockages and congestion. Helps the body's own energy (the Qi) to flow and balances bodily functions. Gently harmonises and revitalises body, mind and soul. (Please wear comfortable clothing.)

    ca. 50 minutes

    Price per Unit: € 72,-

    “Energetic Warmth” – TREHS Marble Stone Massage

    This holistic massage with original natural marble from Laas and warm mountain pine oil has a calming and balancing effect. With energetic warmth and at a comfortable pace for you – it’s time for deep relaxation!

    ca. 50 Minuten

    Per person: € 72,-

    “Alive and Kicking” – Trehs foot massage

    Intensive foot massage. Stimulating and refreshing with mountain pine gel from the Sarentino Valley

    ca. 25 minutes

    Per person: € 38,-


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