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    Aufgüsse in den Lindenhof Saunen
    Aufgüsse in den Lindenhof Saunen

    Sauna programme and care at the DolceVita Resort Lindenhof

    Supervised  rituals at the DolceVita Hotel

    4 Seasons in the saunas

    We adapt the sauna rites at the DolceVita Resort Lindenhof to all four seasons. Our wide range of sauna offers includes show and theme infusions, refreshing infusions, banja russa, peelings and a children’s sauna – and thus, we cater for all sauna-tastes.

    Take your chance and try out how to do infusions yourself! Our sauna team provides you with detailed instructions and guides you through the process.

    All products are produced by selected organic certified producers for us personally.

    The sauna masters also take care of the regular towel change, the care of all 7 themed relaxation rooms and the vital buffet.


    Sauna programme

    Show infusions
    Show infusions where real stories are told. With costumes, stage sets and light shows, the sauna becomes a real theater. The shows are a very special experience for our guests.
    Themed infusions
    Themed infusions such as: Tyrolean, mountains, lakes, MTB, road bike, Celtic, Scottish, Vikings
    Intense heat infusions with plenty of water and ice for real sauna lovers.
    Refreshing infusions
    Refreshing infusions thanks to the use of menthol crystals that five the skin a feeling of freshness while staying in the sauna. Excellent for anyone who can not stand the heat of the sauna easily.
    Banja russa
    Banja russa infusions according to Russian traditions - During the ceremony, guests receive a massage with branches (birch, eucalyptus, oak, ...) on their backs. This massage reactivates the microcirculation of the blood and has a positive effect on muscle and joint pain.
    Peeling with healthy salts, sugar, or fruit extracts.
    Children's sauna
    Children's sauna in the castle and family saunas with low temperature and various funny themes and stories.
    Guests infusions
    Guests infusions: after intensive training, our guests become professional sauna attendants

    Outside of the sauna & heat

    Meditative rituals with Tibetan singing bowls
    This deeply relaxing ceremony is performed in our beautiful relaxation rooms.
    Incense Rituals with Tibetan Singing Bowls
    By using Tibetan incense and singing bowl, the body achieves a meditative state that allows one to better live the day. This ceremony is carried out in our beautiful relaxation rooms or bio sauna.
    Beauty rituals
    Beauty rituals with products from our ART Spa - rubbings in the relaxation rooms and in the garden on the sun loungers.
    Scrub in a variety of steam saunas and bio-saunas.


    Lindenhof packages

    Enjoy our wide range of offers of active and relaxing holiday packages for your break at the DolceVita Resort in Naturno.


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